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Window Treatments | The FloorWorks | Bethlehem, NH

Window Treatments In Bethlehem, NH

At The FloorWorks, we're proud to offer the window treatments you need for your home. Featuring a wide variety of drapes, blinds, shutters, and more, we're certain that you're going to love our selection of quality window treatments. While the benefits of window treatments will be discussed in greater detail below, we all know that having the right window treatment can help to regulate sleep and temperature and make for an improved quality of life. 

At The FloorWorks, we feature window treatments from top brands like Graber, Carole Fabrics, Norman Window Fashion, and more. Learn more about window treatments or browse our selection below!

The Benefits Of Window Treatments

Window treatments offer a number of fantastic benefits to homeowners, including:

  • They help to keep heat out in the summer and can regulate warmth in the winter, allowing for savings on electricity bills
  • Provide privacy and peace of mind
  • Window treatments can be aesthetically appealing
  • Help to promote rest and relaxation
  • Prevent your floors from fading
  • And so much more!
Window Treatments | The FloorWorks | Bethlehem, NH
faux-wood-blinds | The FloorWorks | Bethlehem, NH


Faux wood blinds come with either solid color slats or patterns that closely mimic the grain of real wood. Made from PVC for fire- and moisture-resistance, faux wood blinds combine natural wood beauty with modern engineering.

wood-and-metal-blinds | The FloorWorks | Bethlehem, NH


The arboreal beauty of sustainably-sourced Graber Wood Blinds adds a rich warmth to any room. Meticulously crafted from North American hardwood in rustic and modern paints, stains, and finishes, Graber Wood Blinds add natural insulation and character to your home.

Shutters | The FloorWorks | Bethlehem, NH


For unsurpassed elegance and natural beauty, 100% North American hardwood Graber Traditions Wood Shutters are a premium window treatment. Hand-crafted in various custom styles, they are an investment in quality that will add warmth and value to your home.

Woven-woods-blinds | The FloorWorks | Bethlehem, NH


Woven wood blinds are made from natural materials crafted from renewable materials such as bamboo, jute, reeds, and grasses, adding organic style to your home and suiting your wish for an eco-friendlier home design. It will transfer your room from dull to striking.

faux-wood-blinds | The FloorWorks | Bethlehem, NH


Graber Solar Shades minimize glare, protect from UV rays, and reduce the sun's heat for energy savings.

New Eco-Performance Solar Shades offer additional earth-and family-friendly options, while the entire collection has been updated with fresh new, on-trend fabrics. With a wide range of opacities, expanded width options for extra-wide windows, and a new, easy-install, flat valance, it's never been easier to design your whole home in a clean, modern style.

Vertical-blinds | The FloorWorks | Bethlehem, NH


Durable, easy to operate, and available in a wide range of colors and materials, Graber Vertical Blinds are a cost-effective solution for reliable light control on your wide windows and patio doors

Sheers | The FloorWorks | Bethlehem, NH


Go from sheer and clear to private and serene in seconds with Graber Sheer Shades.

Clean and modern, these “soft blinds” combine the gentle, light-filtering attributes of soft fabric shades with the reliable light control and functionality of conventional blinds.

And now, they’re available in more exclusive, digitally printed patterns and textures than ever before.

Honeycomb | The FloorWorks | Bethlehem, NH


Graber CrystalPleat Cellular Shades are designed for unsurpassed energy savings all year. Their insulating honeycomb design, paired with our all-new premium fabrics, create a high-performance shade for every space and every style.

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