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Carpet PRE-Installation Guidelines

Here's what you should expect before your carpet installation:

  • Remove all furniture before installation day. 
  • If you plan on not being home at the time of installation, please leave instructions for gaining entry into your home and a phone number where you can be reached if needed.
  • Ensure pets and children are not present on installation day.
  • The installation may create a great deal of dust that we cannot entirely control. Therefore, please expect to have to clean the installation and surrounding areas.
  • Gas appliances must be reconnected by your gas supplier.
  • Please remove all linens from beds that need to be moved or disassembled.
  • If your new floor is higher than your existing floor, it may be necessary for us to trim the bottom of your doors for them to open and close. There will be an additional charge for this.
  • Make sure the job site is clean and ready before we arrive. 

We will go over all charges with you before installation. There may be additional charges if the installer is asked to perform work that is not part of the original scope or if a problem is revealed that our estimator could not anticipate.

Carpet Installation Guidelines

  • Carpets may shed after installation. If this happens, do not be concerned. 
  • Some carpet waste usually will be left over after installation. We will do our best to clean the site after we are finished.
  • Cutting and seaming are often necessary for most installations. Though not entirely invisible, our installers will make every attempt to make all seams virtually impossible to locate whenever possible. Seams are more likely to be visible in Berbers.
  • We will complete a walkthrough with you when it is finished.
  • You may also want to run a fan to remove installation-related smells. 
  • Stay in touch with our team as questions arise. 
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